Include Definition


The MPFO-XML format allows the inclusion of externally defined MPFO-XML elements via the XML XInlude mechanism to improve the general usability and ease of use of MPFO-XML documents. The usability is hereby improved by the possibility to re-use standard definitions for e.g. loads, functions and various other elements.

External MPFO-XML data must be defined by using the alternative ExternalDefinition XML root element.

Definition of Include Element

The ‘Include’ top-level element allows the optional import of externally defined MPFO-XML elements via the standard XML XInclude mechanism. It is possible to include several MPFO-XML files with external definitions. In that case, all externally defined elements must have unique element IDs.

In contrast to the MPFO-XML primary root element Component, the Include element does not allow the definition of the DocumentDefinition element.

Parsing Directives and Checks on Application Level

The external elements are mapped to the ‘’ XML namespace.


See ExternalDefinition element examples Examples.