Files and Folders

Format Definition

The XML Schema files for MPFO-XML and its validation files can be found at that folder location: <MPFO install>

File Description
mpfo.xsd MPFO-XML main definitions (XML Schema file)
mpfo_math.xsd MPFO-XML math descriptions (XML Schema file); file is included in mpfo.xsd
mpfo.nvdl Validation file based on Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language (NVDL) for MPFO-XML Strict Content MathML
mpfo.sch Validation file based on Schematron for MPFO-XML Strict Content MathML
mpfo_math.rnc Validation file based on RELAX NG compact schema for Strict Content MathML

External Definitions (Templates)

The external standard include files can be found at that folder location: <MPFO install>/include/

File Description
stdlib.xml MPFO-XML standard library with basic primitive declarations
LV124.xml MPFO-XML standard load definitions for OEM LV124 / VW 80000 norm. See also [LV124]
AEC-Q100-Appendix-7-ExtendedLifetime.xml MPFO-XML standard load definitions for AEC-Q100 Appendix 7 (Extended Lifetime) proposal

External Format Dependencies

The MPFO-XML format depends on several external XML Schema files for math, meta model, requirements, signature and encryption definitions.

List of Dependencies

Folder location: <MPFO install>/external-xsd/<dependency>

Dependency Description
mathml/mathml3.xsd MathML3 XML Schema root file
pmml/pmml-4-3.xsd PMML XML Schema file
reqif/reqif.xsd ReqIF XML Schema root file
xhtml/* XHTML XML Schema files
xml/xml.xsd XML base Schema file
xmldsig-core/xmldsig-core-schema.xsd XML-SIG XML Schema file
xmlenc-core/xenc-schema.xsd XML-ENC XML Schema file


This directory contains external XML Schema files used by MPFO-XML. This file lists all changes that were made to these schema files in order to fix problems or warnings when used by MPFO-XML.

Schema Location Changes

Most of the XML Schema files in this directory reference other namespaces using an URI as schema location. This triggers warnings during validation, because namespaces are imported or included multiple times with different schema locations. Therefore, we changed references to external schemas to point to schemas in this directory.


  • Imports XML namespace from external-xsd/xml/xml.xsd (r122)
  • Imports XHTML namespace from external-xsd/reqif/driver.csd (which redirects to external-xsd/xhtml) (r122)
  • Imports XML namespace from external-xsd/xml/xml.xsd (r122)
  • Includes XHTML from external-xsd/xhtml/ (r122)


  • Imports XML namespace from xml/xml.xsd (r242)

XML Encryption

  • Imports XML Signature (XMLDSig) namespace from external-xsd/xmldsig-core/xmldsig-core-schema.xsd (r122)

Formatting Changes

Revision 149 changes the formatting of:

  • external-xsd/mathml/mathml3*.*
  • external-xsd/reqif/driver.xsd
  • external-xsd/reqif/reqif.xsd
  • external-xsd/xhtml/*.xsd
  • external-xsd/xml/xml.xsd
  • external-xsd/xmldsig-core/xmldsig-core-schema.xsd
  • external-xsd/xmlenc-core/xenc-schema.xsd