Development Objectives

Primary Objectives

  • Well-structured, non-ambiguous, clutter-free and predictable format definition
  • Consideration of an individual component as well as a set or population of components
  • Precise description of mathematical and physical terms and relations
  • Parser infrastructure and parsing language independent format definition
  • Comprehensive static validation capability of XML instances (e.g. via [XML-Schema], [Relax-NG], [Schematron])
  • Flexibility to pre-define content via templates
  • Well-documented (XML Schema, general documentation and application examples)
  • Usage of existing data format standards whenever possible (e.g., [XML-SEC], [XML-SIG], [Strict-Content-MathML], [MathML], [OpenMath], [PMML], [ReqIF])
  • High requirements on quality assurance tests

Secondary Objectives

  • Meta-model capable (i.e., strong alignment with SysML [SysML])
  • Future support/consideration for/of document application in design flow (e.g., document traceability, bi-directionality)
  • Future support/consideration for/of document application in system context (e.g., sub-components)

Application Objectives


Objectives regarding application within supply chains to be done.