Terms and Definitions


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Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronym Description
AEC Automotive Electronics Council
CV Commercial Vehicle
BLR Board Level Reliability
CLR Component Level Reliability
CSV File format Comma-Separated Values
DUT Device Under Test
ECU Electronic Control Unit
EOL End Of Life
HT High Temperature
ISO International Standard Organization
JEDEC JEDEC Solid State Technology Association
JSON File format JavaScript Object Notation
LT Low Temperature
MP Mission Profile
MPFO Mission Profile Format
MPFW Mission Profile Framework
PC Passenger Car/Vehicle
PFP Public Funded Project
PMML Predictive Model Markup Language [PMML]
REQ-IF Requirements Interchange Format [REQ-IF]
RMS Root Mean Square
RT Room Temperature
SOP Start Of Production
TC Temperature Cycle
VCU Control unit for electric vehicles (Vehicle Control Unit)
VIB Vibration resistance test

Formula Signs

Formula Sign Description
\(T\) Temperature
\(T_{rise}\) Rise temperature